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Hi there! Just before I send you a copy of the "Portfolio Building Blueprint" I would like you to complete this quick survey so that I can get you additional gifts to support your property journey.

I understand that everyone's been feeling the financial squeeze, and it’s our mission to help put more money back into your pocket.

I’ve designed a quick survey to gather insights about your current property status and ambitions. This isn't just about staying updated—it’s about crafting personalised strategies that maximise your profits and minimise your costs.

Before I send you your portfolio building blueprint I have some extra gifts for you...

I Want to Hear From You!

Please take a moment to fill out our quick survey. Your insights are crucial in helping us shape how we interact with you in the future. It's your chance to let us know exactly what you need and how we can help you reach your property goals faster and more effectively.


As a token of our appreciation for your time and input for completing the survey, we’re excited to offer you some exclusive perks:

  • Supplier Discount Platform Access: Unlock a world of savings with access to our Supplier Discount Platform. Whether you're renovating or simply maintaining your property, enjoy discounts on materials and services that make a difference.

  • The Ambassador Card: Your new Ambassador Card is the key to unlocking further exclusive benefits and special offers tailored just for our members.

  • Complimentary 1-Year Membership to the Property Developer Network: Valued at $250, this membership is perfect for anyone looking to delve into property development or enhance their DIY skills with expert resources and networking opportunities.

  • Exclusive Mortgage Negotiation Script: For those of you with a mortgage, we’re giving away a powerful script to help you negotiate a better rate with your lender. Empower yourself with the right words to save big!

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